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Thursday, 09 September 2010

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An Advanced Unique Formula for Safe and Effective Detoxification

Nutri-CleanseProduct Overview
Juvenescens Nutri-Cleanse is a proven detoxification (detox) cleansing formula of a complete set of essential nutrients in proper balance and at proper potency levels combined with synergistic phytochemical containing aromatic plants. This combination strengthens the detox function of our vital organs - leading to greater efficacy in the excretion of toxic materials.

A serving of Nutri-Cleanse provides the most important vitamins and minerals the body needs - including proteins of the highest quality and dietary fiber (both soluble and insoluble types). After absorption, these essential nutrients are delivered to your cells to invigorate them and if required assist in their repair - leading to healthier cells and tissues. After this vital nourishment, the cells will act better and may remove accumulated toxic substances and metabolic wastes more effectively. In this way, the cellular detox and cleansing can be enhanced.

Nutri-Cleanse come in 450g bottles for your convenience - allowing you to tailor the amount to your exact requirements. Scientists at NIC recommends that you take 30g (or 3 spoonfuls) of Nutri-Cleanse at night to allow the best effect.

Nutri-Cleanse can be taken daily at the very beginning of starting your NIC program. The frequency of Nutri-Cleanse can be gradually reduced over time. Contact your friendly Wellness Manager for further information.

If you want to know more about the detoxification process, click here.

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