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James Lind Award

Thursday, 09 September 2010

James LindThe James Lind Award is an established and renowned award issued by the American Preventive Medicine Association (APMA). This award is given to scientists that have made a lifetime achievement in contributions to the prevention of disease and life promotion.

In 2004, this award was presented to Dr Robert I-San Lin for his life-long scientific contributions in the field of nutrition (including herbs and phytochemicals) in disease prevention and life promotion.

Who was James Lind?

James Lind was born in Edinburgh to a merchant family in 1716. He was a surgeon within the Royal Navy and served in the Mediterranean, West Africa, the West Indies as well as the English Channel.

James Lind Scientific Achievement AwardHe is often regarded as the founder of clinical trials as well as preventive medicine. His most famous work is a controlled trial of six treatments for scurvy and his published 'A treatise of the scurvy'. In fact, he identified the importance of Vitamin C (in oranges) in the prevention of disease at sea and in order to prove it unwittingly created the concept of a controlled clinical trial that is the gold standard of evidence based medicine today.

James Lind passed away in 1794 and is buried in Portchester Church having served as Chief Physician to the Royal Hospital Haslar from 1758 to 1783. He was also attributed as the discoverer of distillation, a great researcher on infectious diseases and, all in all, the pioneer in medical hygiene, nautical medicine, clinical research and one of the most brilliant medical minds in western history.

List of Recipients of the James Lind Scientific Achievement Award

To Honor Scientists and Researchers Whose Brilliant Discoveries
Have Paved the Way to Greater Health and Longevity
  • Bruce N. Ames, PhD
  • The Hon. Berkley W. Bedell
  • James M. Blum, PhD
  • John A. Borneman III, RPh
  • Luke Bucci, PhD, CCN
  • William E. Connor, MD
  • Mary G. Enig, PhD, FACN
  • William Faloon
  • Michael John Glade, PhD, NS, FACN
  • Denham Harman, MD, PhD
  • Robert I-San Lin, PhD, CNS, FACN
  • Ralph W. Moss, PhD
  • Durk Pearson
  • Gerhard N. Schrauzer, PhD
  • Sandy Shaw
  • Charles B. Simone, MD, MMS
  • Kyl L. Smith, DC
  • Roy Upton
  • Joel D. Wallach, ND, DVM
  • Phil D. Whanger, PhD
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