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About Dr. Robert

Thursday, 09 September 2010

World's Foremost Pioneering Authority in Anti-Aging Nutrition
Father of Phytochemicals


Dr.Robert I-San LinIntroduction
Dr. Robert I-San Lin is the world's foremost leading expert on nutrition in health-promotion, disease-prevention, and anti-aging. For more than four decades, he has conducted research and lectured on these important fields. He has advised governments worldwide on matters related to nutrition and health. He is well-respected by many physicians and nutritionists. In recognition of his achievements, Dr. Lin was awarded, in 2004, the James Lind Award, the most prestigious award in the field of nutrition.

In the 1960's Dr. Lin studied biophysics and nuclear medicine, under the guidance of Nobel laureates, at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and received a Ph.D. degree. He then continued with 4-year post-doctoral training in nutrition, metabolic diseases, preventive medicine, genetic engineering, and biotechnology at UCLA Medical Center, California Institute of Technology, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


"A sound nutritional supplement must provide the body with a complete set of essential nutrients in proper balance and proper amounts."
Dr. Lin has served as the highest ranking scientific officer in some of world's leading food, drug, and nutrition companies. Dr Lin who is the founder of Nutrition International Company (NIC) of United States of America presently serves as its Executive Vice President. He directs nutritional products research and development, regulatory affairs, and clinical research. NIC endeavors to advance people's strength, beauty, and longevity through (1) conducting research on how to maximize nutritional intake for health-promotion, disease-prevention, and anti-aging, (2) sponsoring international conferences on theses subjects, (3) providing advice to governments and other organizations on nutrition-related health matters, and (4) producing and marketing excellent nutritional and anti-aging products. Dr Lin is also the Chairman of Nutrition International Company (Asia) Sdn Bhd.

Educator & Researcher
Dr. Lin has lectured at some of the world's most distinguished universities and medical research centers, from University of California and Harvard University in the West, to Beijing University, National Taiwan University, and National Singapore University in the East; and from University of Helsinki in the North to University in Buenos Aires in the South. He has directed joint research projects among leading research centers and hospitals on nutrition in the prevention and treatment of degenerative diseases. He has trained many sport coaches on nutrition and sport performance. He has appeared in numerous TV and radio programs worldwide speaking on nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention. He has published many articles in both professional and popular journals.

Dr. Lin is a director of the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialist (U.S.), the highest certifying organization that certifies, through examinations, medical doctors (M.D.) and allied professionals as Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS). As part of his duty, he has written many exam questions and proctored many certification exams. Dr. Lin was also a director of the board of American Preventive Medical Association, where he made substantial contributions to the prevention of degenerative diseases. He is a life member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Sigma XI/The Scientific Research Society, and the Nutrition Society. Dr. Lin is also a fellow (senior member) of the International College of Nutrition and American College of Nutrition, the Obesity Society (U.S.), and several other professional associations.

Well respected in both modern clinical science and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Dr. Lin has chaired many important international conferences in these fields, including the international Symposium on Antioxidant in Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer.

His research interest includes nutrition and degenerative diseases, obesity prevention and treatment, and promotion of strength, beauty and longevity.

Dr. Lin believes that although medical science has made great progresses, good health, strength, and longevity depends primarily on good nutrition, not drugs. Diets that comprise about 2/3 of plant derived foods and 1/3 of animal derived foods are conducive to good health. Preferably, these foods should be minimally processed or refined. However, taking a sound nutritional supplement is necessary for those who seek prefect nutrition in order to promote strength, beauty, and longevity. The reason is that most nutrients are unevenly distributed among foods, so that common diets often do not provide adequate amounts of certain "essential nutrients" (the nutrients that the body needs but cannot make them).

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