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Complete & Balanced

Thursday, 09 September 2010

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An Advanced Unique Formula that is truly Complete and Balanced

Our human body is made of nutrients and hence cannot survive without an adequate supply of all vitamins and essential minerals. There are a total of 12 vitamins and 19 minerals which our body requires from daily food intake.

Vitamins and minerals play a critical role in maintaining the body's normal processes and functions. The requirement for completeness cannot be overemphasized. Missing of any of these nutrients would cause serious harm and, eventually, death from a nutrition deficiency.

However, in this day and age, our lifestyle often does not allow us to obtain the complete range of essential nutrients that our body requires from our daily diet. Hence, supplementation is important but it is more important to choose a supplement that provides completeness in essential nutrients. An incomplete nutrition supplement may not only provide your body with little benefits, but may also cause imbalance in your body, leading to ill-consequences.

Juvenescens which contains all the 31 essential nutrients (12 vitamins and 19 minerals) is the solution for our daily nutrient intake. Juvenescens also contains dietary fibers, premium milk and legume proteins, lechitin and tonic herbs.

A good nutritional supplement must provide proper amounts (potency) of nutrients. General, the United States' Reference Daily Intake ("RDI") or Daily Value ("DV") of a nutrient is the appropriate requirement for most people. Thus, a nutritional supplement that provides 30% to 100% of RDI or DV of all the nutrients is the appropriate requirement for most people.

Consuming excessive amounts of micronutrients may cause toxicity. If these nutrients are not consumed in proper proportions, the body also suffers. Juvenescens is formulated to provide the proper level of potency. One sachet of Juvenescens provides 1/3 of your daily RDI needs. You may take up to 3 sachets of Juvenescens a day.

For maximum synergistic effect, the nutrients in a supplement must be in proper proportions. Most of the RDI's proportions for the nutrients are valid and can be used as a guide. Taking a supplement with improper proportion of nutrients may cause interference in nutrient absorption and metabolism. For example, certain vitamin B complexes have a B1 to niacin proportion of 1. This bad proportion may create an imbalance in the body, causing either surplus of one vitamin or deficiency of another, and may not be beneficial.

Juvenescens with its combination of 31 micronutrients, acid amino, lechitin and tonic herbs is a scientific formulation that offers proper proportion amongst the nutrients. This ensures the maximum level of absorption of nutrients by our body.

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