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Juvenescens Product Benefits

Thursday, 09 September 2010

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An Advanced Unique Formula that is truly Complete and Balanced

Powering your Body and Mind!

Juvenescens provides Benefits
10 grams of the high quality protein. Protein forms the bulk of the structural elements of the body; muscles, skin, bones, internal organs and blood vessels. As enzymes, proteins carry out the living processes : making cellular components, repairing cellular machineries and producing energy. The milk and legume proteins in Juvenescens are derived from animal and vegetable proteins. In proper proportion, they provide great benefits. After digestion, this high quality protein-combination is distributed as amino acids throughout the body. Some of the amino acids serve as precursors of neurotransmitters that regulate hormone production and balance.
12 vitamins and 19 Essential Minerals. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are common because they exist in foods only in extremely small quantities are unevenly distributed among various foods. Vitamins and minerals serve as coenzymes that help carry out living processes. They strengthen the body's resistance to diseases and protect the body against injuries caused by pollution and oxidation/free radicals. Juvenescens enables the body to achieve maximum efficiency and protects against environmental damage.

Vitamin C and E work jointly to protect the body against free radicals and oxidation. Vitamin B1, B2 and niacin are keys to production of cellular energy and to functions of nerve, brain and muscles.

Juvenescens contains optimal amounts of zinc, copper and manganese are coenzymes of superoxide dismutase, an important protective enzyme against oxidative damage. Juvenscens contains a large amount of calcium that helps maintain strong bones and other bodily function. Juvenescens provides iron that is a component of hemoglobin, important for the blood to function.
3 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber helps maintain healthy digestive functions and contributes to general well-being. Animal-derived foods and most refined plant-derived foods are devoid of fiber. Adequate intake of fiber helps maintain normal bowel movements and removal of undesirable/toxic wastes. Juvenescens helps keep the internal environment clean.
Vegetables, tonic herbs and Phytochemicals. Herbs provide many valuable phytochemicals, which help promote health, defend the body against injuries caused by oxidation and pollution, and reduce the risk of degenerative diseases and premature aging. Juvenescens provides tonic herbs/phytochemicals that rejuvenate cells and tissues.

Long term users of Juvenescens experience increases in lean body mass, vitality, physical strength, mental acuity.
Last Updated Thursday, 09 September 2010
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